Snuggle Me Organic Swaddle Bloom

Snuggle Me Organic

Snuggle Me Organic Swaddle Bloom

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Snuggle Me Swaddles are USA-made with GOTS organic cotton fabric. They are soft, cozy and super stretchy, creating the perfect multi-functional blankie for newborns to toddlers. The beautiful and sophisticated Earth Tone colors are water-based, GOTS organic and contain no animal or plant bi-products.

Besides swaddling your little one in this stunning and super comfortable swaddle, you can also use it as a nursing cover, for creative play, as a comfort item and so much more. This swaddle will be your baby's perfect companion at home and on the go. They might outgrow the need for swaddling but you will not outgrow the uses for this wonderful multi-functional little piece of perfection.


47 x 47 inches
GOTS organic cotton with lycra
GOTS organic water-based dyes
Double-stitched hem
Individually inspected


It is important to remember that adding heat to any cotton will shrink it.

Snuggle Me Swaddles are made with organic cotton and dyes so should be wash and dried on cold settings. To completely avoid shrinking to your swaddle, line dry.

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Snuggle Me Organic

Mia is the inspirational mother who created the first and very best sensory baby lounger. She created the Snuggle Me lounger out of pure necessity. After having twin boys, that only seemed content in her arms, Mia struggled to meet the needs of both her new babies and her toddler. She confided in her mother-in-law and together they designed and patented a lounger that felt like a hug for her little ones. It was created out of the desire to have an extra set of hands for her babies so that they would feel safe and held even when she was not physically able to do so. This lounger is pure magic. Mia set out to create a product that would increase the feeling of contentment that comes from our babies feeling comfortable and secure. This product does just that, and not only from the lounger, but also the sentiment that radiates from a parent when they know their kids are happy and cared for in a product created out of love. Mia is now a mother of 7 beautiful kids, and continues to inspire us each and every day. She has created a community where she shares her journey honestly and is constantly welcoming and helping others, encouraging other women along their own journey. For over a decade, Snuggle Me has been caring for our families with great commitment to high quality, functional and organic products combined with a great sense of integrity and compassion, all together making us feel just as hugged as our babies do in her Snuggle Me Organic products. We love this company for their outstanding products, their mission and the values that support it.

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