Moroccan Rose Water

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Moroccan Rose Water

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Kahina’s 100% Rose Water, made of pure steam distilled Rosa Damascena from Morocco’s Valley of Roses, gently hydrates, soothes irritation, tones and cleanses skin for a supple and revitalized complexion.  The water used to distill Kahina’s Rose Water flows from the Atlas Mountains to the Dades Gorge, infusing this water with its mineral rich content, and rose petals are hand-picked by the Berber women of Morocco.

How to Use

Spray on cotton pad and apply to face to remove makeup and cleanse skin. Layer under oils for optimal hydration. Spritz directly on face to refine pores and tone skin. Mix with dry clay for a mask. Use as a room spray to lift spirits. Spray on clean hair to condition and soften.


100% pure steam distilled Rosa Damascena

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Kahina Giving Beauty

While on a life-changing trip to Morocco, Katharine was inspired by the Berber women of Morocco she met there, who for centuries have been extracting oil from the nut of the Argan tree, using techniques and rituals passed down through generations. She instantly fell in love with the rich properties of Argan oil, experiencing first hand its wonderful and endless benefits. Kahina Giving Beauty was the wonderful result of this inspiration, which for over a decade now has been bringing the world beauty from the rich and pure Argan oil at its most pure and organic form. It is the core ingredient in her line of highly efficient, beautiful and clean organic products. Katharine has been on a mission to not only care for our skin but to honor and give back to the amazing Berber women of Morocco, whom she works closely with to bring us Kahina Giving Beauty's incredible products and inspiring values.

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