Rubberwood Stool Natural


Rubberwood Stool Natural

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Hevea's 100% Natural Rubberwood and Natural Rubber Stool is a fantastic combination of beautiful design, high safety and great usability. The benefits of both the strong solid rubberwood and the non-slippery natural rubber along with water-based, solvent-free lacquers makes the surface extremely resistant to wear and tear, making this the perfect stool for your little one.


Product Size: H 8.6 in x W 8 in x L 1,7 ft.
Weight: 7lb.
Delivered in a beautiful box and very simple to assemble.

2013/121/ EU Safety Requirements for Certain Children´s seating Furniture REACH - US: ASTM F2613 & CPSIA Section 103 - CAN SOR

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When Terese was pregnant with her daughter she read an article about a Green Peace campaign in Denmark. The study was testing the toxin levels in various celebrities, and a pregnant reporter was found to have 18 out of 44 toxins in her body, many of which were harmful chemicals that had been absorbed through make-up and beauty products. Terese was stunned and immediately started to look for healthier, natural and safer products. Just 10 days after the beautiful welcoming of her baby girl Teresa lost her Mother. With so much to put into perspective, Terese was left with a desire to have a lasting, meaningful legacy. Her mission began when she realized how much plastic was in the products she was handing to her daughter everyday. Terese searched high and low for a safe and cool pacifier along with safer alternatives to all the toys and plastic her daughter was surrounded by on a daily basis. Hevea Brasiliensis was the answer, Terese found in this natural rubber the safe and sustainable alternative she was looking for and in 2009, Hevea Planet was born - creating a more mindful way of caring for our generation, future ones and for our planet. The story of this company is a story with a deep sense of purpose, which Terese has beautifully achieved through Hevea Planet's innovations in natural rubber and Danish design creating products that are Eco friendly, sustainable, safe and of the highest quality. It is no wonder that her products are so loved and trusted, you can't help but fall in love.

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