Nolie & Us was born to help you with these very questions, and to guide you in the safest direction.

We know a parent's decision about what goes on their own skin, and their families, is a very personal choice. We believe a parent's intuition plays a huge role in guiding them in the right direction. We also know that at times we all need a little help and support. It can be extremely confusing to navigate all of the information, ingredients and labels out there. We are here to help!

We hope to take the worry and guesswork out of the process by doing the extensive research on your behalf.

Bringing you the very best in clean, safe, nontoxic and highly effective products is our priority along with keeping your family safe from the hidden dangers of misleading marketing tricks. As a company, we have zero tolerance for toxic ingredients in our products. 

Please check our Forbidden Ingredients page here to learn more. 

We encourage you to look through the ingredients in each product for your own peace of mind, or incase you happen to have a sensitivity to a certain ingredient. We also hope you will become familiar with the stunning ingredients that will be nourishing your skin!

We truly believe in every single product that you will find at Nolie & Us and think you will too.

We always encourage, when trying a new product, that you test it on a patch of skin near your inner wrist. If you experience any irritation from this test, discontinue use immediately. All of our skin is not created equal and, on top of that, it goes through many changes throughout life - especially during pregnancy. We believe it is wise to always test a product on your own skin first.

 The products in our “Pregnancy & Breastfeeding” section are curated for nursing and expectant mothers. We only endorse products that are recommended for use while pregnant and/or while nursing, according to each maker, that we have carefully curated and meet our standards as well. 
We feel it is important to note that there is a lot of contradictory information on the matter and a lot of uncertainty that surrounds the safety of skincare during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.

We Hope To Make It Easier On You With Our Carefully Chosen, Well-Loved Clean And Nontoxic Selections.

We also always recommend that you discuss these products with your doctor and that you feel secure about your choices. In the end, nothing speaks louder than a Mother's instinct.