What Is Beauty?


There is so much behind this complex word! 
Beauty, we are surrounded by it.
We experience beauty in nature, in a smile, in a song, in a hug, in the choices we make and the love we choose.
Beauty comes in countless forms, literally and figuratively, and yes, nothing compares to the beauty within, and that is without a doubt the one that shines the brightest. I believe that beauty embraces life, and there is something very profound and powerful about exploring this truly meaningful word.

It is quite interesting though, at times, we may hear from everyone how beautiful we look, but we just aren't feeling it. I've found that, oftentimes, it has very little to do with how we actually look. Rather, it is a reflection of how we feel inside. We all feel low sometimes. Either without a seemingly "good" reason or because of a thousand reasons. Can anyone relate?

Either way, we must remind ourselves to choose love in those difficult moments and that always starts with us.
After all, it is not what we experience in life that transforms us, but it is how we choose to go through it.

Many times, when we feel down, we need an extra moment of pause to nurture ourselves. Maybe it is through some pampering with good exfoliation, a lovely mask, a good nap, a walk, a book, music, or maybe even a pop of color and suddenly we start feeling a bit better. Miraculously, a kind gesture is sometimes all it takes. It is easy to forget to be kind to ourselves, so a change in attitude and a simple action truly can transform how we feel both on the outside and especially on the inside.

It doesn't matter how moody your skin may be or how weary you may feel, we've got you covered. We have all the tools for you to care for yourself with the most incredible products. These products not only meet our high standards but they are highly effective, as well. Behind each product is an incredible maker or team of makers that are not only very talented and knowledgeable, but are truly dedicated to creating the safest and best products. We have thoughtfully selected them to make you feel on the outside as we hope you always do on the inside, loved! And, in my opinion, love is the source of real beauty. 

It was with a lot of love that Nolie & Us was created and our products carefully chosen, so let us love on you and your skin!

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Let us care for your family as we do ours. By doing all the research to bring you the very best options in clean, safe, nontoxic and highly effective products we hope to give you more time for what matters most, family!