Pregnancy Stretch Marks

When many of us, women, become pregnant, one thing that comes to mind is how to support our stretching skin and pregnancy stretch marks. I believe that genetics play a huge role and sometimes it is just inevitable that many of us will develop pregnancy related stretch marks. I actually have plenty of stretch marks on my legs and booty, that I've had since I was a teenager. I must say, they don't really bother me at all, although they did at one point - so very much. I can't really point out when I stopped caring or even taking a second look at them, but it's been over a decade. Somehow saying "decade" makes me feel a little more mature, hah.

When it comes to pregnancy stretch marks, I believe hydration is key to care for our skin and to help with marks and scars, even when genetics are at play. Drinking plenty of water along with healthy foods was a must for me, for the obvious health reasons, and also to keep my stretching skin hydrated. Even though I've known that drinking plenty of water is essential for our health and skin, I confess I was never good at drinking it consistently until I became pregnant, and who doesn't love having to pee a trillion times a day anyway?!

There is also topical hydration, which I failed at terribly during the beginning of my pregnancy. I would quite often forget to moisturize my belly and body but soon enough I had a constant reminder - itchy skin! Oh, it was so itchy and, thankfully, applying hydration would soothe it right away. As Nolie was growing, and my belly stretching bigger and bigger, I began to fall in love with my little ritual of softly massaging and moisturizing, especially my belly while I talked or sang to her.

I didn't end up getting any stretch marks from pregnancy, just my old companions from my teenage years, and I think that healthy foods, drinking plenty of water and having massaged and moisturized my belly, breasts and body played a big role.

Although it is not something that I necessarily swear by, solely because I don't know all of the factors(besides genetic) that cause people, who may do the same things, to develop pregnancy stretch marks while others do not. However, even if I had gained a few more marks, I believe my advice would remain the same, because what I do swear by is the relief I felt instantly from uncomfortable, itchy skin. I would not have made it through the discomfort without help to sooth it along the way. My skin needed the moisture and added benefits provided to my stretching skin, and getting to massage and hydrate my moving belly was such a special part of pregnancy. The benefits and memories from those rituals will always remain with me regardless of the outcome.

Nolie tells me she remembers when she was inside my belly. I will never truly know if she does or if it is just her beautiful imagination, but I know I will never forget all the memories. Including the nights I was so exhausted I couldn't even think about massaging my belly, but then I remembered my little one who was living inside of it and how that special moment would benefit us both, and it truly did.

So, I guess my personal advice is to not obsess over it, and continue to drink plenty of water, nourish your body with healthy foods along with extra care and nourishment for your growing belly. All while taking full advantage of those very special moments and the extra bonding of massaging and moisturizing your belly. When it is all said and done, since nature is at play, we may end up with pregnancy stretch marks and they will just be another beautiful reminder of growing a little life and that is quite magical.

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