Motherhood and Your Intuition

As mothers, most of us choose to share our experiences of motherhood with each other.

Some in hopes that it might help or connect with someone and at times we share to feel heard and understood. Others because they believe they know best, and do when it comes to their child, but may not know better when it comes to your child.

That’s what it is, I believe that every parent should trust that they know what is best for their child, after all, you know your child more deeply than anyone. A lot of times after our children are born and as they change and grow, it can all feel like a puzzle trying to figure out what is going through their beautiful minds. There is a lot on the subject coming from doctors, friends, family, books and the internet to name a few. However, there are a few things no one can teach you and that is the connection you have with your child and your instinct as a mother, which is the best guidance.

That does not mean we won’t make plenty of mistakes along the way, and that is okay. 
Sometimes we are so tired that we don’t even know how we are even still standing, let alone functioning, and it seems like there are way too many voices coming from all around us.

I believe we will continue to find, along the way, that our intuition will point us through in the right direction. This may mean that we put into practice some helpful advice we have heard, or it might mean doing the exact opposite because we know our child like no one else. One thing is always required, and that is taking the time to connect with what we actually think, feel and believe about raising our little one. 

I feel that sharing our experiences as parents can be extremely healthy, but we must always keep in mind that every child is their own little person and will react in their own way to their experiences. Therefore, we can't be so hard on ourselves when we try on advice someone gave us, that they swear by, and watch as it completely fails to work.

There is no better parent for your child than you. I believe that every mother is the best mother possible to their child. They are giving their very best and everything within their reach. Above all, no one loves your child like you do and in the end it all comes down to love.

We will all eventually find what works for our child, and we will likely see that what works one day may not work the next. As they grow, so will we. We have so much to learn from one another, but no one is going to teach us more than our child about ourselves, about them, about life and about love.

At the end of the day, what our children need the most is our love and the sense of security that comes from knowing that they are deeply loved and cared for. 

They will watch our facial expressions and our body language long before we can even form a word out of our mouths. We are their point of reference and we lead by example. It is not about how many times we fall, but how many times we can get back up and how we choose to learn from the lessons along the way.

They watch us closely, every step, and it doesn't really matter how much we talk about love if we don't act on it. I believe that the best place to start is by loving ourselves. Taking good care of our little ones begins with taking good care of us. We are not only modeling love for self, but when we connect to ourselves and our physical needs we also connect to our powerful intuition. 

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